I think Douglas is successful.

Lee's free.

Linda hung up the phone and started crying.


I'm a little bummed.

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I can't follow Monty's logic.

Everyone has his own treasure.

I want to know where it came from.

We need to get to the wedding.

She took my words as a joke.

We are victorious.

Spy is feeling better.

The disease spread in several ways.

Lend me some books to read.

How long do you want to stay here?

I know Les doesn't love you.


Clarence has a huge bruise on his right leg.

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It's not something we have any control over.


Unity makes strength.

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He was wrong to go ahead with the plan.

Jordan does do some goofy things.

We have a lot of snow in February.


You're going crazy.

What is the rate per day?

Clayton is violent and dangerous.

It's a risk we must take.

There's something wrong with him.

I need to read a lot.

I would like to know what you intend to do now.


The men are hungry.

She'll be apples.

Lead us, since you know the road.


Do you miss Boston?

I am a Briton.

I have a terrible headache. I just took two painkillers. Let's hope it goes away.


They won't have a chance.


No one has heard Rafael say Eddy's name.

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I was glad that she visited me unexpectedly.

One way of committing suicide is by taking a swan dive off a tall building.

I had to shoot my horse.

That place's food is great, and their prices are good, but the fly in the ointment is their terrible location.

Did you see them leave?

I think Elijah is amusing.

I thought we were welcome here.

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Do they know?

The work must be done by Spencer.

This is a very entertaining story.

Hughes is still a kid.

Dimitry doesn't care what other people say about him.

Encryption technology has advanced to the point where it's pretty reliable.

I really opened up a can of worms, didn't I?

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Learning is one thing, and common sense another.


Please don't walk so fast.


Happens all the time.

You brought them here, didn't you?

Sit down and talk to me.

You will change it, won't you?

She ignored him, which proved unwise.

Hartmann made it clear that he didn't like Gill very much.

Kinch doesn't like you very much either.

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Are there any landmarks?

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To support Cantonian people in their noble struggle against Han Chinese racists is what all the honest people should do.


I'll expect you soon.


In 1961, Yuri Gagarin became the first human to pilot a spacecraft when he was launched aboard Vostok 1 by the Soviet Union.

She claims the inheritance.

Tell Lila it's urgent.

If there's anything urgent, you can get in touch with me.

A polyglot is someone who can read upside-down.


Florian commutes to school by train.

Today I'm crying!

The letter was written in code.

Please get out of my car.

Is your father a teacher?


Francois can make it without Roman's support.


You're off in your reckoning.

My father was a tree.

You're not allowed outside this room.


Agatha put his racket on the ground.

Tal was the first woman to hold a statewide office in any state in the country.

I lost the desire.

I'm learning Burmese.

Jim resembles his father.

When I visited my friend in Nagano, I was treated to delicious soba.

There is a knock at the door.

Somebody should put Victoria in his place.

We waited for Ricardo, but he didn't come.

His teacher sent him to the principal's office for being tardy too many times.

Are you sure you don't want me to buy you something at the supermarket?

That was a joke.

It seems that the infection will get the upper hand, but I am still fighting against it.

These kinds of jewelry are of little value.

They treated me badly.

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Arlene is quite sympathetic.


Gunter was all worn out.

I like to play sport for fun not for competition.

I should probably help them.

He gets his diploma tomorrow.

We must always try to serve others.

There is much water in the pond today.

Don't keep bad company.

The striped cat is playing with red yarn.

The attendants anticipated all our needs.

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Raghu isn't looking too good.

It's his first day at school.

Do I look insane?


Go into the office. I'll follow you in a few moments.

If you do something that stupid, you'll be laughed at.

The same force spread over a smaller area will produce more pressure.


I used to come here.

Can that be achieved?

You may take this.

It's not pertinent.

He jumped over a ditch.

I'll take a nap after lunch.

Are you enjoying your weekend?

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I've decided that we won't go.

Many of the students felt that the professor should have spent more time preparing his lectures.

In this book, the writer contrasts Japan with America.


The storm is coming our way.

Grandfather joined us for dinner last night and it was wonderful to see him again.

She laid the magazine on the table.

I believed that he had no right to do that.

We have a surprise.


There are English sentences here that sound like they're from the 1950's.


Rupert has been dead a long time.

She's nasty and mean.

England is the home of the English language.

My daily routine of English has been greatly reduced.

Your efforts will be rewarded in the long run.

The house has been easily sold.

We ran out of gas in the middle of the desert.


Lynn overheard Elsa and John's conversation.

Where is the vodka?

He returned at six.


You seem a little nervous.

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Let's open the window to have a little air.

Anatoly watched for a while.

I was home all night.

"I met the new teacher." "What's he like?"

It is very important to obey the traffic rules.

He's a frat boy.

How about adding some Worcestershire sauce?

We've tried calling Gregg's cell phone.

Did Liza say where?

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Please let me explain.

My grandfather suffers from osteoporosis.

Some of my friends are going to the movies tomorrow.

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I think this will do.

We had lost the overview a long time ago.

You'd be able to do the puzzle if only you had a little bit more patience.

I came yesterday.

My cat loves toys.

Snow completely covered the town.

He lost his position just because he refused to tell a lie.

She tells her tale of misery to everyone she meets.

Stewart missed a step and fell down the stairs.

That man asked for more.

Wasn't that enough?

I hope you won't mind if I give you some advice.

He is doing it with my help.

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I know exactly where to find Shirley.